Following on from our Nature Detectives theme we have been exploring Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We have been digging up worms, cutting up (pretend) worms and trying to be as super as Superworm too.

We have been reading the story together and joining in as much as we can. The children have been focusing on the Wizard Lizard too, dressing up in character and writing a letter together trying to convince him to change his ways.

Alongside our Superworm theme we have been building tricky obstacle course to develop our gross motor skills. Everyone enjoys wearing the builder hard hats and after that everyone decided to paint and fix the house!

Talk homework: Can your Child talk about the story of Superworm at home? Who is Superworm? What can he do? Who is Wizard Lizard and what does he want?

Get ready for MAD week starting on Monday! We will be creating all week ready for you to visit on Wednesday…


It’s raining, it’s pouring!

This week as nature detectives we have been exploring the weather – and luckily this week we have had plenty to talk about! The wind, the sunshine and of course the rain…

We always try to go out in the rain and some children are more adventurous than others! Those of us who wanted to stay dry sang rainy day songs in our shelter. The children have been talking about the weather, the noise of the weather and what to wear in different weather.

Thank you for the donations of conkers and leaves – the children loved counting them, rolling them and even playing with them in playdough.

We have continued with lots of mark-making and we are beginning to recognise our names to put on our registration board. We have also been learning to recognise the different Numicon pieces – counting the holes to see which number each represents.

As the weather gets colder we are putting on our coats on a lot more, so next week we are going to focus on being able to put on our own coat or to be able to ask a friend to help us – with experts even starting to manage zips! This will help the children build positive relationships with one another and encourage them to be independent. We will have a coat chart and I would love to hear what children can do at home on Tapestry.

Squiggle While you Wiggle!

This week we have been doing lots of squiggling and wiggling! First we warm up our bodies with lots of gross motor activity (we dance with scarves to a pop music!) and then we go out and do lots of squiggling with pens on large paper outside and on whiteboards inside. We have been practicing our pencil grip (we are aiming for a tripod grip rather than a whole hand) and drawing circles, lines, squiggles and even some letters!

More wiggling!
More Squiggling!

The children have been fully involved in their Nature Detectives theme – we found a snail on Thursday and everyone had a good poke (we tried to be gentle!). We have been finding acorns and hazelnuts in the Forest School and collecting autumn leaves.

Talk Homework: If you find anything along our Nature Detectives theme have a little chat at home about what you have found or noticed as the season begins to change. Feel free to bring any collections of conkers, pinecones or acorns into show everyone – the more the merrier – we can always find an artistic purpose for a large collection!

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