Off on our journey!

Nursery have come back with fantastic spirits! We have been estimating and counting , discussing journeys and transport, making paper planes, writing out tickets…

I think you have done fantastic job of coming back to school, let’s have a brilliant term…

Talk Homework: We have talked about getting on trains, buses and planes and how you might need a ticket. If you go on a journey this week, talk about how you are getting there, why you have chosen that mode of transport, how much it costs and how long it will take… I look forward to hearing how it goes!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well done everyone for a fantastic first term in Nursery! You have worked exceptionally hard and we are very proud of you. We have had a very busy last week with a Rock Band performance on Monday and a visit from Merlin the Magician on Wednesday as well as Party day (and party food!)

Next term our first book will be ‘Lost and Found’ and we will be exploring different ways to travel the world to get to those far off places. The children are all still fascinated with different modes of transport from ‘sleighs’ to ‘ships’ and ‘buses’ so it will be exciting to link their ideas in with this text.

Talk Homework: Talk about different ways of travelling on your Christmas Holidays. It may be that you go on a new/unusual mode of transport (a plane? a bus? a train… a sleigh?) and it will hopefully be a good opportunity to talk about ways to travel.

Parents and families, thank you for all your support this term! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Love Ms Owens and Mrs Walsham

Christmas Post!

This week we have been post people! We have had our very own post office, writing letters and weighing parcels – which of course fits perfectly with our maths and literacy focuses of the week – mark-making and measuring! We have had great fun inviting various fairy tale characters to our party next week and posting them in our letter box. We have talked about weight, introducing the terms ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ and encouraging children to compare objects around the Nursery.

We have also been working with the children to develop their understanding of instructions. The children have been following single and two-part instructions through various activities all week. We have made biscuits and Christmas decorations, ran different races and designed obstacle courses.

The children were also fantastic in our Nativity performances! Well done everyone…have a lovely restful weekend before our last week!

Getting ready for CHRISTMAS!

We are all very excited to be in Advent now. We have been opening our advent calendar every day and talking about the different characters in the nativity each day to remind ourselves of the story. The children have been playing with the Nativity characters inside and outside. We have also been preparing for Christmas in other ways…..

…..Like writing our names, as well as drawing pictures and writing items we would like for Christmas to ensure Father Christmas knows what to do!!

In Maths our focus has been measuring – focusing on the key vocabulary of ‘long’ and ‘short’, but also exploring ‘big’ and ‘small’ . We made long and short chains, created the longest train track we could (extending it by drawing more and more of it) and even started to make a Christmas cards (see a sneak peak here!) where we had to use knowledge of size to be creative….

Our book of the week was Elmer’s Christmas! Everyone has also taken home a library book home to read this week (please return it to the red box inside Nursery next week when you are ready).

Outside…. we have been riding our sleigh all over the world and enjoyed pretending to be Father Christmas!

Slippery, freezing cold, transparent ice!

Such a busy week in Nursery! We have been on lots of ice hunts as the freezing nights have left us with surprises every morning! The children have been on adventure to the library and picked our book to take home. We have been focusing on practical subtraction in maths – so lots of ‘taking away’ and thinking about ‘more’ or ‘less’. We started our new topic in R.E – ‘Birthdays’, so this week we focused on our own birthdays. What do we do on our birthday? How do we make it special?

After last week’s busy week this one just got busier… We have been on plenty of adventures to the North Pole via various means of transport (a bus, a plane, a castle-helicopter…)

The children have been very excited about Stay and Play – with lots of visitors to Nursery we enjoyed showing off our songs and we are already looking forward to our next Stay and Plays in Spring – we will have even more songs!

On Wednesday we carried on with our R.E topic ‘Birthdays’ where everyone was introduced to Jesus’ birthday. We have had a lovely week exploring the story of the Nativity, linking it together with our own Nativity songs. We made our own advent wreath in Forest School, collecting lots of lovely pieces to add to our wreath. Today has been very exciting because we prepared for advent by changing our focal point cloth to purple and setting up our Christmas tree. Everyone is very excited about the advent calendar!

To end the week we had a fantastic meeting with Liz Million an author and illustrator. She was amazing and taught us all how to draw bears and made us all giggle!

Talk Homework: Encourage talk about the Nativity – do they understand the story? Can they remember the songs from the Nativity!

The pirates conquer Shape Island!

We have been exploring shapes all over Nursery. We have made shape pictures, played with shapes in the playdough and been on a shape treasure hunt around school. The children have been talking about shapes and investigating what makes each shape different!

The children have enjoyed role-playing pirates and writing messages in bottles to cast adrift… We have had lots of fun and the children are all beginning to use lots of key vocabulary around our topic.

There has been lots of excitement by our first our first frost this week so next week we are going to read The Storm Whale in Winter.

Talk Homework: If you notice ice or frost about have a talk with your child about why it is there? How did it happen?

Arrr! There be pirates about…

The children have been showing a very keen interest in pirates for a while now… making the blocks into ships and finding treasure. Well real treasure arrived in Nursery on Monday – along with plenty of costumes and our new book – ‘The Night Pirates’.

Our focus has been speaking – now that the children are comfortable in their environment it is lovely to have conversations about their experiences or listen to their discussions in their play. Pirates have certainly provoked discussion! The children have been making telescopes and eye patches and showing their friends how to do it. They have been dressing up and taking on various pirate roles. They have drawing maps and explaining how to get to the treasure. We even had a pirate show and Mrs Higgins came to see us do our Pirate dancing!

Talk Homework: This week we have been singing the pirate song ‘When I was one I hurt my thumb the day I went to sea… I jumped aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to me…’ Why not ask your child to sing you their favourite songs to you at home? We’ve even started our Nativity songs so you might be lucky and hear one of them too!

MAD Week!

We’ve had so much fun this week with MAD week. Our focus was the endangered animal the tiger and we linked this with the fantastic story of ‘ Augustus and and his Smile’.

Everyone made a wonderful tiger picture – we made a jungle background through printing with our hands and stamps. The children then used oil pastels to draw a tiger hiding in the jungle and finally we used collage techniques to add jungle leaves around the edge. I was really proud with the way each child managed their own independent art – all the children produced individual and exciting art work all by themselves. Well done!

As our DT project we continued with the jungle theme and produced some early sewing pieces. We learnt how to weave fabric and ribbons under and over and through the large pieces. This developed the children’s fine motor skills and their understanding of positional language. The children really enjoyed the challenge.

Have a wonderful half term everybody!

Talk Homework: When we return we are going to focus on talking about your half term holiday. I would love to see your adventures on Tapestry. I look forward to hearing all about your time off together.


Following on from our Nature Detectives theme we have been exploring Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We have been digging up worms, cutting up (pretend) worms and trying to be as super as Superworm too.

We have been reading the story together and joining in as much as we can. The children have been focusing on the Wizard Lizard too, dressing up in character and writing a letter together trying to convince him to change his ways.

Alongside our Superworm theme we have been building tricky obstacle course to develop our gross motor skills. Everyone enjoys wearing the builder hard hats and after that everyone decided to paint and fix the house!

Talk homework: Can your Child talk about the story of Superworm at home? Who is Superworm? What can he do? Who is Wizard Lizard and what does he want?

Get ready for MAD week starting on Monday! We will be creating all week ready for you to visit on Wednesday…

It’s raining, it’s pouring!

This week as nature detectives we have been exploring the weather – and luckily this week we have had plenty to talk about! The wind, the sunshine and of course the rain…

We always try to go out in the rain and some children are more adventurous than others! Those of us who wanted to stay dry sang rainy day songs in our shelter. The children have been talking about the weather, the noise of the weather and what to wear in different weather.

Thank you for the donations of conkers and leaves – the children loved counting them, rolling them and even playing with them in playdough.

We have continued with lots of mark-making and we are beginning to recognise our names to put on our registration board. We have also been learning to recognise the different Numicon pieces – counting the holes to see which number each represents.

As the weather gets colder we are putting on our coats on a lot more, so next week we are going to focus on being able to put on our own coat or to be able to ask a friend to help us – with experts even starting to manage zips! This will help the children build positive relationships with one another and encourage them to be independent. We will have a coat chart and I would love to hear what children can do at home on Tapestry.

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