Slippery, freezing cold, transparent ice!

Such a busy week in Nursery! We have been on lots of ice hunts as the freezing nights have left us with surprises every morning! The children have been on adventure to the library and picked our book to take home. We have been focusing on practical subtraction in maths – so lots of ‘taking away’ and thinking about ‘more’ or ‘less’. We started our new topic in R.E – ‘Birthdays’, so this week we focused on our own birthdays. What do we do on our birthday? How do we make it special?

After last week’s busy week this one just got busier… We have been on plenty of adventures to the North Pole via various means of transport (a bus, a plane, a castle-helicopter…)

The children have been very excited about Stay and Play – with lots of visitors to Nursery we enjoyed showing off our songs and we are already looking forward to our next Stay and Plays in Spring – we will have even more songs!

On Wednesday we carried on with our R.E topic ‘Birthdays’ where everyone was introduced to Jesus’ birthday. We have had a lovely week exploring the story of the Nativity, linking it together with our own Nativity songs. We made our own advent wreath in Forest School, collecting lots of lovely pieces to add to our wreath. Today has been very exciting because we prepared for advent by changing our focal point cloth to purple and setting up our Christmas tree. Everyone is very excited about the advent calendar!

To end the week we had a fantastic meeting with Liz Million an author and illustrator. She was amazing and taught us all how to draw bears and made us all giggle!

Talk Homework: Encourage talk about the Nativity – do they understand the story? Can they remember the songs from the Nativity!

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