Getting ready for CHRISTMAS!

We are all very excited to be in Advent now. We have been opening our advent calendar every day and talking about the different characters in the nativity each day to remind ourselves of the story. The children have been playing with the Nativity characters inside and outside. We have also been preparing for Christmas in other ways…..

…..Like writing our names, as well as drawing pictures and writing items we would like for Christmas to ensure Father Christmas knows what to do!!

In Maths our focus has been measuring – focusing on the key vocabulary of ‘long’ and ‘short’, but also exploring ‘big’ and ‘small’ . We made long and short chains, created the longest train track we could (extending it by drawing more and more of it) and even started to make a Christmas cards (see a sneak peak here!) where we had to use knowledge of size to be creative….

Our book of the week was Elmer’s Christmas! Everyone has also taken home a library book home to read this week (please return it to the red box inside Nursery next week when you are ready).

Outside…. we have been riding our sleigh all over the world and enjoyed pretending to be Father Christmas!

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